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Working at Height Course in Abu Dhabi, UAE!!

Working at height refers to tasks where there's a risk of falling from one level to another, potentially causing injury. To work safely at heights rescue , effective training is essential, whether on ladders, roofs, scaffolds, or near openings. Strict safety regulations often guide these activities.

Why working at height training is crucial?

Working at heights training is essential because it ensures safety, compliance with regulations, and proper use of equipment. It aids in risk identification, ensures swift emergency responses, and boosts worker confidence. This training is key to work safely at heights and reduces employer liabilities.

This course offers comprehensive insights into 'Working at Heights' through various methods such as presentations, discussions, and videos. It sheds light on safety hazards and the ways to control them. Attendees will acquire practical knowledge about fall protection systems, risk assessments, and the utilization of safety equipment, ensuring they're well-equipped to work safely at elevated levels.

Working at Height training is essential for:

  • Construction professionals.
  • Facility maintenance teams.
  • Roofing experts.
  • Telecom & utility specialists.
  • Window cleaning crews.
  • Safety consultants.
  • Any role requiring elevated tasks.

Opting for this training ensures compliant operations while working safely at heights.

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Course Duration: One Day

Topics covered include:

  • Definition of Working at Height
  • Risks of Working at Height
  • Working at Height Regulations
  • Employer’s Responsibilities
  • Employee’s Responsibilities
  • Planning the Job Ahead
  • Basic Safety when working at height
  • Safe ladder use
  • Scaffolding
  • Mechanical Plant for supportive personnel
  • Working on Roofs
  • Fall Protection Systems / Safety Harnesses
  • Practical Harness Fitting

Course Assessment:

Written Examination & Hands-on Display of Fall Protection Systems.

Certification & Validity

After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a TTI Personal Card & Certificate, valid for one year from the date of training.