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Work Management System (WMS)
Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Course Overview

In Abu Dhabi, we – Talent Training Institute offer the ADNOC Approved Work Management System (WMS) Training, focusing on essential skills for effectively implementing and managing the Work Management System in ADNOC-regulated environments.

This training covers key concepts, processes, and best practices, ensuring smooth work execution and compliance with occupational safety standards in the Oil and Gas sector.

TTI's ADNOC Approved Work Management System (WMS) Training – thoughtfully organized course to help employees grasp vital insights. Learn how to lower risks, ensure safety, and boost productivity using the work management system.

Module 1: WMS Framework

Module 2: Permit to Work

Module 3: Job Safety Analysis

Module 4: Energy Isolation

Module 5: Temporary Defeat

Module 6: SIMOPS

The course is designed for all participants who will conduct, issue, or supervise activities under ADNOC including:

  1. Project Engineers
  2. Job Performers
  3. Job Originators
  4. Supervisors
  5. HSE Practitioners
  • Grasp the essential components of the work management system.
  • Evaluate system assets, functions, and processes.
  • Recognize & reduce potential risks effectively.
  • Implement advanced safety protocols.
  • Optimize resource allocation.
  • Efficiently plan and schedule work within allocated time frames and budgets.
  • Learn to Strategically manage assets, maintenance, and inspections.
  • Face to Face session
  • Online

Sessions are offered From Monday to Thursday each week!

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Course Assessment

Every module includes an exam. Candidates are required to score 80% as per ADNOC Onshore WMS Procedures.

Certificate & Validity

Upon completing the training program and achieving a 80% passing score on the written exam, participants will receive a TTI Certification. This certificate remains valid for 3 years from the training date, aligning with ADNOC HSE guidelines.