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What is Supervisory Competency Skills Training?

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Supervisory Competency Skills Training refers to a training program designed to equip individuals, particularly those in supervisory roles, with the necessary competencies to effectively manage, lead, and oversee a team or a department. This training is crucial for anyone transitioning into a managerial or supervisory role or those seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Why Supervisory Competency Skills Training is important?

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Supervisory competency training is important for organizations, and here's why:

  • Leadership Boost: Cultivates essential leadership skills for a productive environment.
  • Clear Communication: Equips supervisors to set clear expectations and provide constructive feedback.
  • Team Management Skills: Offers tools for effective team management and conflict resolution.
  • Smart Decision Making: Enhances informed and strategic decision-making capabilities.
  • Legal Awareness: Ensures supervisors stay compliant with workplace regulations.
  • Increased Productivity: Leads to optimized operations and resource management.
  • Stay Updated: Promotes continuous professional growth in evolving workplaces.
  • High Morale: Leads to job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.
  • Organizational Success: Directly impacts project outcomes and overall growth.

Target Audience

Outlined Content
  • Newly Appointed Supervisors
  • Seasoned Supervisors
  • Team Leads
  • Future Managers
  • HR Specialists
  • Project Managers

Course Content:

Outlined Content
  • Introduction to Employee & Employer Responsibilities and Key Terminology
  • Workplace Policies, Legislation, Resources, and Supervisor Expectations Discussion.
  • Roles of Supervisor
  • Exercises & Case Studies.

Course Duration:


1 Day


Course Assessment:


Oral Assessment of Trainees by the Instructor.

Certification & Validity

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Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a TTI Personal Card & Certificate. The certification remains valid for one year from the training date.