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Safe Chemical Handling Training in UAE

Join our Chemical Handling Safety Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE and see the difference it makes! Learning the right way to handle hazardous chemicals means fewer accidents and a safer workspace. This not only keeps everyone out of legal trouble and saves money but also makes for a happier, more productive team!

What’s This Course About?

This course is all about making sure you know the risks that come with handling chemicals and teaching you the smart ways to keep those risks low!

Target Audience

  • Anyone who works with dangerous chemicals and materials.
  • People in charge like Supervisors and Engineers.
  • Technical teams who want to be safer at work.
  • Health and Safety (HSE) Professionals

This training is for everyone who wants to handle chemicals the right way and make their workplace safer.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Content:

The course methodology:

  • Power-point Presentation, discussion, videos, exercises, quiz, casestudies & assessment
Module 1:
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Health & Safety
  • Positive Health and Safety Culture
Module 2:
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities
Module 3:
  • Basic Terminologies
  • Basic Terms and Definitions with examples
  • Familiarization of terms at Workplace
Module 4:
  • Hazard Identification & Communication
  • Need for HazCom
  • Labels & Other Forms of Warning
  • SDS
Module 5:
  • Health Effects
  • Routs of Entry
  • Acute & Chronic Effects
  • Other Physical Hazards of Chemicals
Module 6:
  • Employee Information & Training
  • Educating the Employees
  • Training & Retraining
  • Hands-on Experience
Module 7:
  • Spill Control & Other Emergencies
  • Why controls the spill?
  • How to control the spill?
  • Skill Kit & Other Resources for Emergencies
  • Dealing with Chemical Exposure
Module 8:
  • Health Surveillance & PPE
  • Monitoring of Health
  • Suitable PPE
Module 9:
  • Summary
  • Discussion
  • Q & A Session


Aim & Objective:

  • Get to know the risks that come with chemicals.
  • Learn the basics of chemical releases.
  • Figure out the aims of managing spills.
  • Discover the steps to take when a spill happens with hazardous stuff.
  • Choose the right safety gear and equipment for emergencies.
  • Dive into plans for reacting to incidents.
  • Find out what everyone should do during incidents and emergencies.
  • Master the safe ways to move and store chemicals.
  • Explore plans for responding to incidents again.

This course is all about learning how to deal with chemicals safely and being ready for any spills or emergencies!


  • Candidates will be evaluated through Pre and Post Theory Assessments featuring Multiple Choice Answers. A minimum of 75% marks in the Post Test is required to pass!
  • For the Practical Assessment, securing at least 75% marks is mandatory for candidates.

Certification & Validity

Once you complete the training program successfully, you’ll get TTI Personal Safety Passport, a Certification Card, and the Certification.
The certificate is valid for 1 year from your training date.