At Talent Training Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE we offer a comprehensive Risk Assessment Training program that simplifies the complexities of workplace safety.

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Course Overview


Participants will gain a clear understanding of health risks and how to assess and manage them effectively. We delve into the crucial measures to prevent employee exposure to hazards.

Our training equips you to:
  • Grasp the vital role of risk assessments in upholding health and safety standards in the workplace.
  • Recognize the importance of health and safety within your workplace.
  • Understand the strong connection between hazards and risks, integral to a strategy preventing accidents and health issues.
  • Implement the hierarchy of controls, a powerful tool to manage risks effectively.

Target Audience

Our Risk Assessment course is designed for:
  • Learners actively engaged in Risk Assessment, looking to enhance their expertise.
  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the fundamentals of risk assessment, regardless of prior experience.

Course Duration


The Risk Assessment is a 6 Hours Course.

Course Content

  • Define key terms associated with risk assessment in the workplace
  • Identify causes of work-related harm.
  • Explain the need to prevent workplace accidents and ill health.
  • Highlight risk assessment's role in preventing accidents and ill health.
  • Specify work-related accident and ill health causes.
  • List costs of workplace incidents to employers, employees, and society.
  • Define employer, employee, and others' safety duties.
  • Describe risk assessment provisions in legislation.
  • Explain workplace health and safety law enforcement and penalties.
  • Describe using incident records to manage risks.
  • Address factors affecting hazard risk (occupational, environmental, and human).
  • Identify hazards in different workplaces.
  • Recognize those at risk from workplace hazards.
  • List control measures for various workplace risks.
  • Assess the adequacy of current control measures.
  • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, involving data collection on workplace hazards, analysis of current risk levels and potential exposure, the formulation of appropriate recommendations, and proficient documentation and communication of findings.

Course Assessment


Both pre and post-assessments in theory format consist of multiple-choice questions. To successfully pass the post-test, candidates are required to attain a minimum score of 75%.

Certification & Validity


Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will receive a TTI Card and Certification, with a one-year validity starting from the training date.