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What is Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis?

In every sector, from manufacturing to office environments, effective accident and incident investigation is key to organizational safety. Conducting thorough root cause analysis ensures safer operations and a proactive safety culture. Organizations prioritize a zero-accident environment, encouraging employees to report incidents. This proactive approach not only enhances workplace safety but also optimizes operations by preventing future occurrences.

What is Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Training?

This comprehensive course is designed to empower company employees with in-depth knowledge and skills for effectively investigating and identifying the root causes of workplace incidents. A key asset for those committed to enhancing workplace safety and reducing operational risks, our training ensures a thorough understanding of incident analysis techniques essential for the modern business environment


Who can attend this course?

Supervisors, HSE professionals, and other relevant team members engaged in daily operations, with a proficiency in English, are the ideal candidates for this course.

What you will Learn?

You will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, along with the tools to effectively investigate and analyze the root causes of incidents in the workplace.

Course Duration: One Day


Module 1: 

  • Introduction
  • Employee and Employer Responsibilities (General)
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • Workplace & Activities Discussion
  • Policies Discussion

Module 2:

  • Describing the Term Incident
  • Prevention of an incident
  • Accident Triangle / Safety Pyramid

Module 3:

  • The Investigation (Exercise & Case-Study)
  • Analysis
    • The Why Method
    • Fault-Tree Analysis
    • Fishbone/Ishikawa Analysis
  • Report Writing, Presentation & Follow-up (As per OSHAD Mechanism 11.0)
  • KPIs

Module 4:

  • Summary
  • Video

Course Assessment.

Before and after the course, there will be a theoretical assessment using multiple choice questions. To pass, candidates need to score at least 75% on both the post-course test and the practical evaluation.

Awarding Body of Certification & Validity:

Upon successfully completing the training program, participants will receive a TTI Card and Certificate. The certification remains valid for one year from the training date