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International Board of Environmental Health & Safety, (IBOEHS) – USA

Talent Training Institute LLC is an authorized training partner of IBOEHS – USA. IBOEHS is an IASCB Certified independent awarding body based at Arizona, USA established to offer various health and safety programs applicable and necessary for General Industry, Construction, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Aviation industry. The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. follows the guidelines as set forth by the International Certification Accreditation Board and has been accredited since 2007.

The benefits of having IBOEHS certifications

There are many organizations in USA, Canada, Middle East and South East Asia, which respect and follow OSHA Standards at their work place. Such companies would be preferring candidates with knowledge and qualification based on OSHA Standards in addition to their national qualifications in Health and Safety. Having a Health & safety qualification from IBOEHS would multiply employment opportunity to individuals. IBOEHS certificate holders gain more respect and acceptance in many parts of the world including United States of America, Canada, Russia and Middle East, etc.

  • IBOEHS Registered Safety Officer
  • IBOEHS Registered Safety Manager
  • IBOEHS Registered Safety Professional
  • IBOEHS Registered Environmental Officer
  • IBOEHS Registered Radiation Safety Officer
  • IBOEHS Registered Airport Safety Officer
  • IBOEHS EHS Diploma in Safety Management
  • IBOEHS Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Safety Management
  • IBOEHS 30 Hours General Industry
  • IBOEHS 30 Hours Construction Industry
  • IBOEHS Registered Healthcare Safety Officer
  • IBOEHS Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
  • IBOEHS Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing
  • IBOEHS Certificate in Infection Control Management
  • IBOEHS Certificate in Food Safety Management
  • IBOEHS Certificate in Oil & Gas Safe Working
  • IBOEHS Train the Trainer
  • IBOEHS Certificate in Process Safety Management