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Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, our Train the Trainer (TTT) program has been empowering individuals for many years. We're known as one of the best HSE training Institutes in the UAE because of our great facilities and expert trainers. We're proud of the training we provide. Plus, with our online option, people from all over the world can join our course. So, whether you're in the UAE or elsewhere, we're here to help you become a better trainer.


Our Train the Trainer (TTT) certification program in UAE is the ideal choice for individuals aiming to lead classes or present impactful sessions. This course is a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of instructing others effectively.

Upon completing our Train the Trainer certification:

  • You'll learn how to make and give great lessons and talks.
  • You'll find out how to communicate really well.

Get empowered with our Train the Trainer course and set yourself apart as an elite trainer in your domain.


Course Overview

Want to improve your training skills?
Join our Train the Trainer (TTT) course. It's perfect for everyone, whether you're new or experienced. With our HABC-approved International Award in Delivering Training (IADT) course, you'll:

  • Learn easy ways to plan lessons.
  • Teach in a way everyone gets it.
  • Ask questions that matter.
  • Manage your class time better.

So, if you want to become a better trainer and even give training to the official courses, this certification is for you.

Key Features of Our HABC International Award in Delivering Training, IADT

Also known as the Train the Trainer (TTT) course:

In-depth Understanding of Human Factors: Learn more about adult learning theories, understand the role of group dynamics, and polish your communication skills for effective training.

Mastering Classroom Strategies: Familiarize yourself with training layouts, the essence of a good syllabus, developing a training event plan, and setting clear learning targets.

Hands-on Presentation Skills: Grasp the basics of delivering presentations, employing the right tools, and structuring them to engage your audience effectively.

Expert Guidance: Our authorized instructors, with their vast experience, ensure you get the best insights during the course.

Flexible Learning Modes: Whether you're comfortable in a classroom setting or prefer online learning, we've got you covered.

Enroll in our HABC International Award in Delivering Training, IADT AKA Train the Trainer Course to enhance your training skills in a structured and efficient manner.

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Course Content


The course methodology: Power-point Presentation, discussion, videos, exercises, and case studies:

  • Prepare for training delivery
  • Select delivery methods and resources to meet the needs of the subject and of the learners
  • Prepare a simple timed plan
  • Select and demonstrate delivery strategies
  • Use training material and resources
  • Demonstrate the use of assessment strategies during delivery
  • Evaluate training delivery
  • Identify areas for future improvement
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Certification & Validity

Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will receive an internationally recognized HABC Certification.