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Course Overview


Discover the Highfield Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing – a valuable qualification developed and granted by Highfield Qualifications, recognized on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) overseen by Ofqual.

This qualification is designed to boost your workplace skills, providing personal growth and an engaging learning experience. Ideal for those aiming for higher or supervisory roles within the food manufacturing industry.

Learn about key topics such as complying with food safety rules, maintaining good hygiene practices, implementing food safety management procedures, and ensuring best practices for contamination, microbiology, and temperature control.

Take a step towards advancing your career in food manufacturing with this practical and insightful qualification.

Course Duration


Course Duration is two days.

Why choose this Course?

  • Top-tier recognition: Accredited by Highfield Qualifications and listed on the UK's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), recognized by Ofqual, CCEA Regulation, and Qualifications Wales.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of current UAE food safety legislation, ensuring complete compliance and safeguarding your operations.
  • Implement and monitor best hygiene practices, minimizing contamination risks and protecting consumer health.
  • Compliant and confident: Stay updated with essential UAE food safety standards and regulations for worry-free operations.
  • Compliant and confident: Stay updated with essential UAE food safety standards and regulations for worry-free operations.
  • Learn from industry experts to create robust systems that safeguard your company's reputation.
  • Prevent costly recalls and production stoppages through proactive food safety management.
  • Expand your expertise and marketability in the competitive UAE food manufacturing landscape..

Target Audience

  • Food manufacturers seeking to elevate their food safety standards
  • Restaurant and catering companies aiming for flawless hygiene and operational excellence
  • Logistics and distribution companies handling food products
  • Chefs, cooks, food handlers, supervisors, and managers working in food manufacturing facilities like factories, bakeries, meat processing plants, etc.
  • Individuals currently employed in the industry seeking career advancement to supervisory or leadership roles.
  • Any organization committed to safe food practices and responsible workforce development

Invest in your future and enroll in the Highfield Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing today!



Dominate the food manufacturing industry in the UAE by acing the Highfield Level 3 Award in Food Safety exam. Here's what you need to know:

Exam Format:
  • Multiple-choice: Test your knowledge with 45 questions covering key food safety concepts.
  • 90-minute time limit: Manage your time effectively to answer all questions within the allotted period.
  • 66% pass mark (30 correct answers): Earn your certificate and showcase your competency.
  • 80% distinction (36 correct answers): Stand out with exceptional achievement.
  • Grading: Receive a clear 'Pass', 'Distinction', or 'Fail' result.

What Does the Qualification Cover?


Topics include:

  • The importance of food safety management procedures and complying with the law
  • The role of the supervisor in maintaining food safety.
  • Ensuring that microbiological, chemical,physical and allergenic hazards are controlled
  • Ensuring Good temperature Control & Stock rotation.
  • The importance of ensuring good personal hygiene & preventing contamination, including handwashing, protective clothing, cuts, training & reporting illness.
  • Ensuring that work areas and equipment are clean and safe.
  • Ensuring safe waste disposal and pest management.
  • Implementing food safety management system.

Certification & Validity


By successfully completing the assessment, you'll not only earn your Certificate in Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing which is valid Lifetime but also gain the confidence and expertise to contribute to a culture of safe food handling in the UAE.

Empower yourself or your team, safeguard your business, and build a culture of food safety excellence with the Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing.

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