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Highfield Level 3 International Award in Accident and Incident Investigation.


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Course Overview


Workplace accidents are a critical concern in the UAE, causing not only physical harm to employees but also significant financial losses and legal repercussions for businesses. Strict regulations are in place mandate employers to prioritize safety at work.

That's where our HABC Level 3 International Award in Accident and Incident Investigation comes in. This globally recognized qualification empowers your teams in Abu Dhabi or all over UAE to effectively investigate accidents and incidents, minimizing their impact and ensuring compliance with regulations

Target Audience

This globally recognized Highfield Level 3 International Award in Accident and Incident Investigation qualification equips you with:
  • Effectively investigate accidents and incidents.
  • Identify the contributing factors that lead to workplace accidents and incidents.
  • Conduct a thorough and systematic investigation using a proven framework.
  • Master positive interview techniques to gather accurate and unbiased witness statements.
  • Analyze evidence collected during the investigation to pinpoint root causes.
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan to prevent future incidents, including recommendations for corrective measures.
  • Understand the reasons why investigations fail and how to implement best practices to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Ensure compliance with UAE safety regulations.
  • Minimize downtime and associated costs.
  • Protect your employees from injuries and create a safer work environment.

Course Duration


8 Hours

Course Content


    Module 1: Understand the principles of accident and incident investigation

  • Define the key terminology used in accident and incident investigation.
  • Outline the purpose of accident and incident investigation.
  • Explain the contributory factors that lead to an accident or incident.
  • Module 2: Understand the procedures of accident and incident investigation

  • Explain the procedures for investigating workplace accidents.
  • Outline procedures to deal with external relations.
  • Explain successful interview techniques used for the investigation.
  • Explain the importance of post investigation measures that aim to prevent a reoccurrence.

Course Assessment


The assessment for this qualification consists of a multiple-choice examination comprising 30 questions. Candidates are allotted 60 minutes to complete the exam.

Certification & Validity


Certificate will be issued upon Successful Completion and Passing of the assessment by the Highfield.