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Safeguard your food business, ensure consumer confidence, and achieve success in the UAE with our comprehensive food safety training programs.

Our courses, accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) UK, equip food handlers and supervisors with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to adhere to global standards and regulations.

Master the fundamentals:

Basic Food Hygiene Training:

Gain proficiency in essential food safety practices, personal hygiene, and sanitation procedures to excel in your role as a food handler. This basic food hygiene training is the perfect foundation for your food safety journey.

Food Safety & Hygiene:

Develop a deeper understanding of foodborne illnesses, contamination control, and temperature management, boosting your knowledge of food safety hygiene. Enhance your skills with this comprehensive food safety training.

Basic Food Safety Training:

Lay the groundwork for safe food handling with this introductory course, the perfect foundation for your food & safety training journey. This basic food safety training equips you with the essential knowledge and skills.

Advance your expertise:

Training for Food Safety Supervisors:

Equip yourself to effectively lead and manage food safety within your organization, becoming a valuable asset in food safety supervision. This food safety supervisor training will empower you to excel in your leadership role.

Food Handler Certification:

Obtain the necessary qualification for food handlers in the UAE, recognized internationally, and become a certified food safety handler. Invest in your career development with this essential food handler certification.

Explore your path to food safety success:

We offer a diverse range of courses to cater to your specific needs, whether you're seeking basic food hygiene training, food safety training, food safety & hygiene training, basic food safety training, food & safety training, or food safety hygiene training.

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