Unexpected crises can arise, regardless of scale or location. The workplace is no exception to potential hazards that can lead to injuries or even fatalities. For this reason, having a well-trained emergency response team and understanding the importance of an effective emergency response plan is paramount.

What is Emergency Response Training?

Emergency Response training equips professionals across various sectors – from corporate offices to manufacturing units – with the know-how to act quickly and decisively during emergencies.

By training a skilled emergency response team and highlighting strong emergency response actions within an overall emergency response plan, this training becomes essential.

When it comes to safety at work, a quick emergency response and a good plan can be the difference between safety and disaster. Making sure your emergency response team knows the emergency response plan well helps create a safer workplace.


Course Overview

This course is tailored for individuals on the Emergency Response or rescue team at their workplace.

It equips them with skills to assist people in emergencies, especially in Confined Spacesor while Working at Height. The training covers the usage of various breathing devices for situations with toxic air or low oxygen. Additionally, it covers essential rescue equipment like the Tripod, stretcher, and vital first aid measures for emergency scenarios.

Target Audience

This course is crafted for individuals aiming to join the emergency response team at their workplace. It's tailored for those with a suitable skill level, preparing them to effectively execute tasks aligned with the emergency response plan and act as pivotal members in times of emergency.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content

This course offers a comprehensive blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge, ensuring participants are well-versed in key emergency response areas:

This syllabus ensures participants are well informed to act decisively, following a thorough emergency response plan.


Written Examination & Hands-on Practical Demonstration

Certification & Validity

Upon successful completion of the training program at TTI, participants will receive a personalized TTI card and certification. The certification remains valid for 1 year from the training date.