ADNOC Gas Processing Approved Defensive Driving Training
– Heavy Vehicle & Light Vehicle

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Defensive Driving equips drivers with skills to safeguard against unexpected road situations caused by poor driving, intoxicated drivers, or adverse weather conditions. By staying alert and scanning the road, drivers can identify potential risks early. Taking timely action once a threat is spotted is crucial. The essence of Defensive Driving is to anticipate potential dangers and act preemptively to avoid accidents.

What is Defensive Driving Training – HV/LV?

The Defensive Driving course is carefully developed for the UAE's unique driving conditions. Through targeted individual coaching techniques, we boost participants’ safety skills, ensuring they navigate the UAE roads with confidence. With our training course, learners are equipped to champion their own safety and that of fellow road users.


Who can attend this course?

All individuals with a valid UAE driving license.

What you will Learn?

In our comprehensive road safety course, we strive not just to boost participants' driving skills but to amplify the critical message of safety to families, communities, and throughout the UAE. Embracing the BE SAFE system, we champion a transformative shift in driving attitudes. Through promoting and embedding safer driving habits, we contribute significantly to minimizing road accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Join us in this pivotal movement for a safer UAE on the roads.

A valid UAE driving license is mandatory to participate in this training program.

Course Duration: Six Hours

Course Assessment.

Evaluation through multiple-choice theory questions.

Awarding Body of Certification & Validity:

After successfully finishing the training program, TTI certificate& card will be granted. This certificate is valid for 2 years from its issuance date.