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Confined Space Rescue Training in Abu Dhabi

What is a Confined Space Rescue?

Confined space rescue refers to the specialized process of safely extracting individuals who are trapped, injured, or incapacitated within a confined space. These spaces are characterized by limited entry and exit points, as well as potential hazards that can make rescue operations complex and risky.

Confined space rescue teams are trained to assess the situation, implement necessary safety measures, and use specialized equipment to rescue the individuals from the confined space while minimizing risks to both the victim and rescuers.

The goal of confined space rescue is to perform a successful and efficient rescue while maintaining the safety of all parties involved.

What is Confined Space Rescue Training?

Talent Training Institute’s Confined Space Rescue Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE is specifically tailored for individuals who are members of the workplace's Emergency Response or Rescue Team.

Their role involves rescuing people during emergencies in confined spaces, elevated locations, and similar scenarios.

Talent Training Institute’s Confined Space Rescue Training covers various breathing devices used in hazardous atmospheres and oxygen-deficient environments.

Participants will also learn about different rescue tools such as tripods, stretchers, and essential first aid techniques for handling emergency situations.

Who should attend Confined Space Rescue Training?

The course is intended for individuals who possess the required skills for the tasks and aim to serve as rescue team members in their workplace.

What are the benefits of taking this Confined Space Rescue Training?

Through this comprehensive Confined Space Rescue Training offered by Talent Training Institute in Abu Dhabi, the participants will acquire a solid foundation of knowledge in areas such as

  • Confined Space operations
  • Working at Height procedures
  • Handling Toxic Gas hazards
  • Effectively rescuing individuals during emergency scenarios

Course Content:

  • What is Emergency?
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Excavation Hazards
  • Toxic gas familiarization
  • Situation to think about
  • Roles and Responsibility of Rescue Team
  • Types of Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Calculation of duration of Breathing Apparatus
  • Donning and Doffing of Breathing Apparatus
  • Non-Entry rescue (Tripod or Winch)
  • Types of working at height rescue units
  • Use of stretcher
  • First Aid measures in Emergency situations
  • Practical Exercise Confined Space and Rescue
  • Practical Exercise of rescue Working at Height
  • Summary

Course Assessment:

Written Test & Practical Demonstration

Certificate & Validity:

Upon successfully completing the Confined Space Rescue Training, you will receive a TTI Personal Card & Certification. The certification is valid for one year from the date of training.