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Confined Space Entry

What is Confined Space Entry?

Confined space entry involves working in small, enclosed areas that may have hazards. These spaces are typically not designed for continuous occupancy and can pose potential risks to workers due to factors such as limited ventilation, restricted movement, and the potential for hazardous substances to accumulate.

Confined spaces can include areas like:

  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Pipelines
  • Storage bins
  • Manholes

Proper training and procedures are essential to mitigate potential hazards and ensure that workers can safely enter, work, and exit such spaces.

confined space

Course Overview:

The primary aim and objectives of the Confined Space Entry training program, conducted by Talent Training Institute, revolve around enhancing confined space safety awareness among workers.

This comprehensive training empowers personnel with the following:

  • Knowledge required to understand the critical requirements of working within confined spaces.
  • Participants gain the ability to identify potential hazards associated with confined spaces.
  • Learn essential measures for preventing and mitigating risks while operating in these environments.

At Talent Training Institute, we offer the ADNOC Approved Confined Space Entry Program.

This Training is beneficial to equip you with vital knowledge about:

  • Confined spaces
  • The potential risks involved
  • Proper handling techniques, including emergency procedures

Individuals taking part in activities associated with confined space operations.

Course Content:

  • Getting to Know Confined Spaces
  • Structured Approach to Handling Key Responsibilities
  • Dangers and Threats Linked to Confined Spaces (Videos, Discussions & Safe Procedures)
  • Grasping Entry Protocols and Criteria”
  • Dealing with Emergencies

Course Assessment:

  • Pre and Post Assessment of Theory with Multiple Choice answer (Candidate must score at least 75% Marks in Post Test)

Certificate & Validity:

Upon successfully completing the ADNOC Approve Confined Space Entry Training, you will receive a TTI Personal Card & Certification. The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of training