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Course Overview


This comprehensive Banksman & Flagman Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE aims to equip delegates with the essential skills to effectively control traffic during construction maintenance. The primary objective is to train flaggers in standardized procedures, ensuring safe traffic flow around work zones.

Our program certifies crew members in secure flagging techniques, enabling them to apply acquired knowledge to safeguard both their team and the public upon course completion.

Target Audience

Our courses in banksman training cater to individuals engaged in the maneuvering, loading, and unloading of vehicles. Participants learn the approved HSE signals to effectively guide

Course Duration


Course Duration is one day.

Course Content


Module 1

  • Introduction
  • OSHAD Cop
  • Traffic Plans .
  • Segregated traffic routes
  • Reduced speed
  • Site Maps and Signage
  • Inductions
  • Competent Drivers and site operatives
  • Maintained plant and Equipment
  • Module 2

  • Select the correct PPE for flag person operations
  • Select and display the correct temporary signage
  • Demonstrate the correct flagging signals to control traffic
  • Using vehicles to communicate employees / gear to and from work
  • Module 3

  • Written Examination

Course Assessment


Candidates are required to attain a minimum of 75% Marks in the Test for theory assessment, which includes multiple-choice questions.
In the practical assessment, candidates also need to achieve a minimum of 75% Marks.

Certification & Validity


Upon successful completion of the training program, delegates will receive a TTI Card & Certification. The certification remains valid for one year from the Date of Training/p>