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Talent Training Institute, one among the best ADNOC Approved Training provider in UAE, located in Abu Dhabi UAE offers ADSD (ADNOC Document for Safe Driving) program, it empowers drivers with the expertise to handle both road and desert conditions safely and effectively.

This course is designed to minimize the risk of getting stuck, lost, or involved in rollover accidents. It's a mandatory requirement for all those using vehicles in ADNOC ONSHORE Projects.

  • Course Duration: 02 Days.
  • We have 03 batches every week.
  • Certificate Validity: 03 Years.
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Key Benefits of Our ADSD Training:

  • Drive Safe on All Roads: Learn essential defensive driving techniques, hazard perception, and effective decision-making skills applicable to any driving scenario.
  • Conquer Challenging Conditions: Gain a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics and desert topography to navigate off-road situations with confidence.
  • Master Your Vehicle: Develop expertise in handling light and heavy vehicles, including proper maintenance, inspection procedures, and maneuvering techniques.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Our curriculum covers the latest advancements in vehicle technology, including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and more.
  • Expert-Led Instruction: Benefit from the guidance of highly qualified instructors with extensive real-world experience.



    The primary goal of ADSD training for both light and heavy vehicles is to provide drivers with the necessary skills to DRIVE SAFE and confidently handle their vehicles in challenging conditions. The ADSD Course covers advanced vehicle technology, including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and emergency braking systems.

Training Components:

Participants will learn defensive driving techniques, hazard perception, and effective decision-making. They will understand vehicle dynamics, limitations, and proper maintenance and inspection procedures. Key topics include navigating turns, intersections, and scenarios specific to heavy vehicle operation.

Course Duration


02 Days

Course Content


The course consists of Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in the following areas :-

  • ADNOC Onshore policies and requirements related to driving
  • Road Crashes and Statistics
  • Road Signs and Marking
  • BE SAFE Principle
  • Attitude and Behavior .
  • Alertness and Fatigue management
  • Vehicle restraint system and safety equipment
  • IVMS
  • Desert Driving Kit and Tools
  • Inspection of vehicle
  • Tire Management
  • 4×4 Vehicle
  • Diff Lock
  • Off-Road Driving
  • Desert Drive
  • Mountain Drive
  • Emergency procedures
  • Assessment of driving skills and behavior.
  • Driving Skill Assessment Form